Automatic Discovery of Protocol Manipulation Attacks in Large Scale Distributed Systems Implementations

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Most distributed systems are designed to meet application-prescribed metrics that ensure availability and high-performance. However, attacks can significantly degrade performance, limiting the practical utility of these systems in adversarial environments. Specifically, compromised participants can manipulate protocol semantics through attacks that target the messages exchanged with honest participants.

Finding attacks against performance in distributed systems implementations is a very challenging task due to (1) state-space explosion that occurs as attackers are more realistically modeled, (2) diversity of programming language, software, operating systems and the subtle interactions between the software components, (3) diversity of communication channels (wired or wireless communication, TCP or UDP, encrypted or not-encrypted), (4) difficulty of expressing performance as an invariant in the system, (5) difficulty of capturing real-world performance in a reproducible way, not only the system performance but the network conditions when that performance was obtained.

This project aims to build an easy-to-use and maintain, low cost platform to find reproducible, real, high-impact, malicious performance attacks on distributed systems implementations in realistic environment.



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    Current Members

    • Byngchan An, Graduate Student
    • Endadul Hoque, Graduate Student
    • Samuel Jero, Graduate Student
    • Jun Zhang, Undergraduate Student

    Collaborators and Previous Members

    • Hyojeong Lee, Ph.D. 2014
    • Jeff Seibert, PhD, 2012
    • Dylan Fistrovic, B.S. 2013


This project is funded by grant CNS-1223834 from SaTC NSF. Principal Investigator: Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Purdue University) Co-Principal Investigator: Charles Killian (Purdue University and Google)